Welcome to the Club!

Welcome to Relive Club! Club members enjoy full access to all the cool stuff. In this article we give you an overview of all these features.

  • Old activities 
    You're able to manually import your activities from your connected trackers. Follow this article to import old activities.
  • Long activities 
    There is no time or distance limit for your activities. All activities can be relived. (in the free version there is a limit of 12 hours)
  • Music 
    You can add different kind of music to your video. It is not yet able to upload your own music, duo to music rights. 
  • Interactive explorer 
    You can use the interactive explorer to easily relive your route at your own pace. 
  • Edit videos. Anytime.
    As many times as you like you can edit your video. Change the music, try out video speeds or toggle HD on. 
  • Video quality
    Get your videos in HD.
  • Control video speed.
    Watch at your own pace. In the free version you get the video in normal speed. In Club you can choose to make it slower or faster!
  • Get priority
    Club members get their videos faster.

Since we’re building all this for you: please let us know what you think of these features! Ideas, feedback or questions: you can always reach out to us!

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