How to place photos in your Relive video

You can add photos to your video with the Relive app!

How do you do it? Just follow the guideline!

  1. open the notification within the app
  2. select photos from your camera roll or just refresh data from Strava or Endomondo (using the turning arrow button in the bottom left corner)

Please take into consideration that...

  • Photos in the video will be placed based on the time the photo was taken
  • Photos taken close to each other will be bundled together.

If you need to move pictures along the video, you should then edit the relevant timestamps. To do so, you can use a "metadata editor" app of your choice on your mobile and then re-upload the edited pictures.

We can suggest to use, as a reference, the time indicated in the Strava Flyby function. Please consider that time shown in that page is expressed as Greenwich time, so you have to apply the relevant time difference if applicable (you can check correct time difference here)

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