Unsubscribe from email

If you feel like you are receiving too many emails you can turn of the email notification within the app (1) or email (2). 

Within the app:

  1. Open the Relive app and go to "Account." 
  2. Select "Notifications" to adjust the settings as you prefer
  3. Turn off: "Email - new video"

From email

  1. Open one of our emails.
  2. Tap on the "Manage your email settings" in the bottom. 
  3. Turn off:  "Email - new video"

Don't have the Relive app? 
If you don't have the Relive app, you use Relive as an email service. So, unsubscribing from 'activity notification emails' means you need to unsubscribe from Relive. If you wish to do so, please deactivate your account.

If you have any question? We're here to help.  

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