1. Set up your Account

First of all, open the app and log in to your account. You can navigate through the app using the buttons in the bottom: Latest, Memories, Record and Settings. 

  • Latest
    You can view your last 3 activities on the Latest screen. You can browse through these activities by swiping horizontally. Please note: activities done after you created your Relive account will appear here.
  • Memories
    You can add an activity to your Memories by marking it with a star. 
  • Record
    Use the Relive Record function to track your route. 
  • Settings
    In settings you're able to:
    - change your profile picture
    - change your password or email address
    connect a tracker
    change notifications
    - change language
    - manage club subscription (club members only)
    - read more about Relive 

Now you're ready to  Go out & track!

1.  Set up your Account 
2.  Go out & Track
3.  Edit & Create
4.  Share your video

If you have any question? We're here to help.  

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