How to prevent bad GPS data on Android

Some Android devices restrict background processes and close the Relive app during recording. This may report a different distance than you actually traveled, an incomplete video or a straight line in your video. Unfortunately, it will not be possible for us to "fill in" the missing data or modify the existing data. Please follow these steps to prevent issues in the future.

Examples of GPS issues

  1. Is distance shown in the video is less than the actually distance you have traveled

  2. Straight lines in your route. 

  3. The Relive app doesn't start a recording. 

Prevent future issues

  1. Be sure Relive is allowed to use your location
    Settings > Apps > Relive > Permissions > Toggle Location ON. Be sure that you've allowed Relive to use GPS in the background.
  2. Disable any battery saver settings. 
    Including Power Saving Mode, Battery Management or any third party app. Access your phone The steps to disable the settings can be slightly different on different phones. Please see below for mor information on your specific device.
    1. Samsung
    2. Huawei
    3. Motorola
    4. Oppo
    5. Xiaomi
    6. Vivo
    7. LG
    8. Other Android devices
      Most Android phones also use a power saver/optimization which can be found in the settings. Please make sure that Relive is excluded from the energy saving mode and that optimization is disabled.
  3. Ensure that the GPS signal is found before you close the screen.
    Try to avoid putting away your phone in areas where there may be a weaker GPS signal. Near high buildings, deep forests, or near huge amounts of water like lakes or the ocean.

Variable Performance

Even if you're in the same place and your device in the same setting as before, the GPS reception behave differently from one day to the next. With the changing position of the satellites, changing weather patterns, and the changing nature of the Earth's outer atmosphere, there are enough parts of the GPS system outside of your direct control and observation that it is difficult to make conclusions about what specifically is causing inconsistent performance. We recommend you try repeatedly before making a judgment about the best ways to work with your device's GPS in your settings.

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