Elevation, distance, speed and time calculations

Why the Elevation, Distance, Speed or Time in the Relive app can be different

In most cases, you will use a third party GPS tracker to record your activity. The GPS tracker collect a lot of GPS points. When this third party tracker sends the activity to Relive, a set of raw GPS points is send. All platforms perform their own calculations with these raw GPS points. That's why certain aspects of your activity analysis may be different for each app. 

About time 

In the Relive video moving time is shown. Moving time is the total elapsed time minus the resting/paused time. The measurement of the moving time relies on the data we receive from your third party tracker. The third party tracker can send Relive the raw GPS point including information about resting time, then the time should correspond correctly. When the third party tracker doesn't include this information, Relive does not know when you were pausing and can show a different moving time. 

About distance

The total distance is the most basic training static. Therefore, being confident in your distance data is important for us. The distance relies again on the data we receive from your third party tracker. When the third party doesn't include total distance information, we try to calculate the distance between the valid GPS points ourselves. To decide if a GPS point is valid or noise, a threshold is used. The threshold is different for each app, that's why there are minor differences for the total distance in different apps. 

About speed and pace

When the activity type is run the Relive video shows the average pace. For all other activity types the Relive video shows the average speed. The average speed and pace are calculated with the moving time and total distance. As explained above, the calculated moving time and distance may be different, which can result in a different speed or pace. 

About elevation

In the Relive video the elevation gain is shown. Elevation gain refers to the sum of every gain in elevation throughout your activity. Elevation gain is the vertical distance you have climbed. Some tacker devices include the elevation gain in their raw GPS data. In that case Relive shows the exact same number as your tracker device. Other trackers don't include this data. When elevation gain is missing, we try to determine your elevation gain the best we can. Unfortunately, the data we receive to calculate elevation isn't always accurate, which can result in different elevation gain for some activities. 

Relive may calculate the data differently than other platforms, but when you think the shown data is really far off please let us know via support. 

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