Update your payment details

We will notify you with an email when the payment of your Relive Club membership has failed. 

The reasons the payment is failing 

  • Incorrect credit card number or expiration date
  • Insufficient funds
  • The bank declined based on location
  • The bank's fraud rules blocked the transaction

Update your payment settings

  1. Login to relive.cc with the right account.
  2. Go to Settings>Club subscriptions (or click here), to check and update your payment details. 
  3. Click: payment details
  4. Click: Choose another way to pay 
  5. Fill in the new correct details and click: update. 

  6. Your new details are saved. 
    Your old details will always stay visible. It's not possible to delete them. 

How the recurring billing works

When the frist transaction failed, we notify you with an email and automatically retry the transaction after 10 days. When the retry fails, we send you a second email and automatically do a second retry after 10 days. When that second retry failed, your subscription will be canceled automatically.

  • Transaction - First transaction on the date you subscribed. (When first transaction failed, the email is send)
  • First retry - 10 days after first failed transaction, an automatic retry will be done. (When first retry failed, the email is send for the second time)
  • Second retry - 10 days after first failed retry, a second automatic retry will be done.
  • Subscription canceled - After the second failed retry, your subscription will automatically be canceled. 

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