Camera behaviour

The camera behavior is created by our algorithms. This algorithm is based on many things, including the length, height and location of your activity. This same algorithm will be applied to all your activities, but because your activities vary, so will the output.

In rare cases, it can sometimes happens that the video doesn’t show your route or it seems to be looking the wrong way. Below are a few common examples:

1. Camera pointing the wrong way

In this case the route is not visible, because the camera is pointing too high or low. The height of the camera is based on the recorded elevation of your activity. In this case your activity is recorded with an incorrect altitude. Re-calibrating the altitude meter of your tracking device will easily fix this for your new videos.
2. Route behind the mountain

In this case the camera is pointing the right way but the route is not visible. The camera appears behind or in a mountain. This can happen in areas with a lot of height differences. Unfortunately there is no easy fix for this. Please contact support in this situation. We are always trying to improve the camera algorithm to give you the best we can. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. 

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