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Add a privacy zone

You can create a privacy zone within Relive to hide the location where you start or finish an activity.

Please note the following before adding a privacy zone:

  • If you start or finish an activity in a privacy zone, this location will be hidden.

  • If you pass through a privacy zone during an activity, this location will not be hidden.

  • Your privacy zones only apply to you. If other users start or finish their activity in your privacy zone, this location will not be hidden from group activities.

  • You will be able to see your full route on the map in your activity, others will not. In your video the part of the route inside your privacy zone will be hidden for both you and others. 

  • The privacy zone is only applicable to newly created activities after setting the privacy zone.

Continue to add a privacy zone

In the Relive app:

  1. Go to your Profile > Settings
  2. In Settings > Privacy settings > Privacy zones
  3. Tap the plus icon [+] in the upper right corner
  4. Drop the pin at the location on the map that you want to hide
  5. Select the radius of the privacy zone
  6. Tap the check icon in the upper right corner to save
  7. Check if the zone is correct